5 ways to practise self-love on Valentine's Day

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Hand out little Valentine's Day cards or make homemade gifts and treats and pass them out to your classmates and friends.

And hey, if nothing else, it means you have nobody else to impress on this soppy day but yourself. Where did this love-obsession day originate and why is it such a big deal? It sure would be a pity if everyone had more people for whom they care.

I will shower you with my love and will give you thousands of hugs and kisses.

So Valentine's Day is obviously very important for everyone.

32%: Percentage of American adults surveyed by online statistics firm Statista in 2017 who said they would probably have sex on Valentine's Day.

What we know as Valentine's Day today, contains hints of Christian and ancient Roman (Pagan) traditions of fertility festivals.

Employees at Water's Edge Chocolates in Tullahoma are busy dipping more than 17,000 strawberries in white, milk or dark chocolate to prepare for its busiest days of the year. Reflect on what you want to do that day and do it. No feverish planning of a romantic dinner, no stress on your wallet, and no worries about whether your S.O. will like what you planned for them.

It is estimated that approximately one billion Valentine's Day greeting cards are sent each year, and women purchase approximately 85 percent of all valentines.

Movies have mocked the poor single individuals who desperately search for someone to be their "valentine" for one day out of the year.

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Mahika Sharma: I think we all say that every day we celebrate love.

While it's nice to have a holiday to celebrate those you love.

These vanilla scented candles in hand-made ceramic pots with the cutest heart design are ideal if you want to amp up the ambiance on a special evening with your S/O or perhaps a V-day dinner with your closest girlfriends.

The shiny, heart streamers, the pink and red lips, the XOXO signs, and the "I love you" puns are just some of the many inundating reminders of the day dedicated to love (although, ironically enough, it has one of the highest break-up rates of the whole year). With so many expectations surrounding the day, and they're bound to never be met.

The key is to not only give love, but to accept what is given to you. I had actually congratulated myself minutes before as it was the anniversary of my epiphany from the previous Valentine's which went something like this: Dump the guy, quit the job, do something that scares you.

I can not let my eyes off you. I love my fans, friends and family.

I will never get exhausted of loving you.

The annual "Mastercard Love Index", created by analysing credit, debit and prepaid transactions across the past three Valentine periods (11 to 14 February 2015 to 2017), found that dining out for "date night" remains one of the most popular activities for South Africans.

Every time I think about how it feels to get a call like that my ridiculous brain veers back to a unusual example - that moment in Passengers where Chris Pratt gets snipped free from the spaceship and floats around in space with no hope of ever finding his way back.

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